New Dentist Program

accounting for new dentists

If you’re a new dentist who’s just starting out in the industry, Next Level CPA is an important asset. You can tap into our extensive experience in accounting and tax planning for the dental industry with our New Dentist Program. This specialized plan provides the direction and support you need to establish a successful career as a dentist.

New dentists typically begin their career with a hefty educational debt but we know your earning potential and have the tools and resources to help you achieve your financial goals. As your trusted financial advisor, we’ll answer your questions and create a personalized tax plan. We’ll also connect you with a variety of other professionals that specialize in working with the dental industry including law firms, banking institutions, and brokers.

Our dental CPA firm understands your situation and will guide you towards a longstanding career in the profession you love with sound and affordable financial advice. Contact us now at 904-977-8855 to learn more or request a free initial consultation online.

Our CPA firm helps new dentists with:

  • Tax planning to reduce taxes and increase income
  • Corporate structure for your practice
  • Debt financing evaluation
  • Financial benchmarking guidance
  • Recommendations for key relationships (e.g., dental law, dental loan financing, dental brokers, etc.)
  • Preparing your financial position
  • Tax preparation for future dental practice owners